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If you are looking to make a move in the legal industry, I highly recommend reaching out to Mitch. Over the years, I have worked with a few recruiters but none have been as responsive and attentive as Mitch. Any time I had a question or concern, Mitch was able to respond in a very timely manner and provide guidance as to how to navigate the application and interview process. Mitch makes it clear that he is with you every step of the way and makes sure you are prepared and confident before conducting any interviews. Also, it cannot be overstated how valuable his personal connections are with the firms he recruits for. His connections allow him to provide you valuable insight throughout the entire interview process and keep you updated at every stage. Mitch was able to help me transition from a small local firm to a firm with multiple offices in major U.S. markets. I am extremely grateful to have had Mitch as my recruiter and highly recommend him to anyone looking to make a move.
— IP Associate - FL

I had initially reached out to Mitch before the COVID-19 pandemic, which had put my job search on hold. I was immediately impressed with how plugged in he seemed to be in the industry. After the first wave began subsiding in the early summer, I decided to take a chance and restart my job search. Mitch was one of my first contacts. Mitch was very open and transparent throughout the process and he took the time to mentor me during all facets of the recruitment lifecycle. For example, he would insist on having conversations before every interview to guide my preparation. Mitch helped me make a move from a small firm to an Am Law 100-200 firm, and he was there every step of the way from application through offer letter. Even though he had already placed me, Mitch was thoughtful enough to check in and ask how I was adjusting. I certainly recommend Mitch to other attorneys in the job market.
— IP Associate - AmLaw Top firm

I am not a typical candidate working as a consultant at a fund formation company for the last 12 years. I had been sending my resumes unsuccessfully for a while until Mitchell contacted me after he received it. With my permission, he then sent my resume to multiple top law firms. Within a month, I had an interview at one of the largest US firms and had an offer shortly after that. I am very grateful that Mitch took a chance on me.
— Fund Formation Sr Associate

Mitch connected me with an incredible opportunity at an elite law firm that was not publicly posted. I had only spoken to Mitch once recently, many months earlier, but we had a nice conversation about my career aspirations and trajectory. When this new opportunity arose, Mitch immediately thought of me, and it turned out to be a match made in heaven. Throughout my application and interview process with the new firm, Mitch kept in frequent contact, offering me valuable, candid advice and thoughtfully discussing the pros and cons of the opportunity. I highly recommend having a conversation with Mitch if you’re contemplating making a move.
— IP Counsel - NYC

I couldn't recommend Mitch more for anyone looking to transition in the legal world. I had spoken with Mitch a few months earlier when I was thinking about getting out of an AM Law 100 firm that just wasn't the right fit for me. I wasn't in a rush and never really worked with recruiters in the legal realm before, so a few months later, through my own efforts, I had accepted a position with a small IP firm. Unfortunately, the firm lost a major client and had to rescind my offer a week later. In crisis mode, I reached out to Mitch again who made me his number one priority. Within a few days, Mitch sent my resume package out to firms he deemed relevant. Mitch's inside knowledge of the legal field and the connections he's developed over his years of experience helped reassure me that I wouldn't be out of a job for too long - which turned out to be true! I had an interview less than a week later for a position that was much better suited to my background and the work-life balance I was seeking. Two days after the interview, I had accepted an offer from the firm, and I couldn't be more pleased. Mitch performed what I formerly thought to be the impossible
— IP Associate - DC

I was contacted by Mitch in regards to an in-house opportunity that fit my level of experience and credentials. Mitch promptly followed up with me once I expressed interest. He took the time to answer every last question I had about the type of work the position would entail, the qualities that companies look for when adding additional in-house counsel, and how my current role would translate to this new opportunity. What struck me about Mitch was his total transparency. He did not hide any details, and made sure that I was fully informed about salary information, benefits, etc., so that I knew going in what to expect. I was completely prepared for my interview and knocked it out of the park, in large part to the extensive conversation and emails with Mitch. A few weeks later I was offered, and accepted the job! I would absolutely suggest Mitch to anyone looking to either fill an in-house position, or someone looking to make the transition to in-house or another firm. Thanks again Mitch!
— In-house Counsel

Mitch approached me via email to engage me in a conversation regarding an open partnership at a general firm for which he was recruiting. Shortly after I indicated my interest in the position, Mitch called me to discuss some specifics regarding my level of experience and chosen areas of practice to assess whether I might be a good fit. He was also able to answer all of my initial questions on the basis of his intimate knowledge regarding the position and the firm in general. He then immediately placed me in contact with the managing partner of the corresponding practice group, and within a few days I was engaged in a phone discussion with the manager and two other partners of the group. Things continued to progress quickly thereafter, resulting in my being accepted into the firm. I’ve been hired into a number of large and small firms, but this is by far the easiest, smoothest transition I have ever made, thanks to Mitch’s stellar knowledge of the market and the firms he represents, as well as the relationships he maintains with those firms. Thanks, Mitch!
— Software Partner - MN

Mitch and I originally connected several years ago and he made a point to keep in contact and to keep me on his radar-which meant a lot to me. He then reached out when he was sure he found an ideal fit, acting as both a friend and advocate while he prepared me for the transition; which happened to be the first move of my legal career. I can imagine I was not easy to work with, but Mitch handled my questions and phone calls with ease. Mitch lives up to his excellent reputation and I am extremely grateful that we connected. I would recommend Mitch Satalof without hesitation.
— Trademark Partner - NYC

Mitch is a highly skilled, well-connected legal recruiter who delivers. As a veteran patent attorney seeking to expand my practice during the IP industry's downtime, I used several recruiters in my search process, including a large recruiting firm with national recognition. Mitch is the one who stood out from the crowd. His tailored "sniper shoot" strategy that targets carefully selected law firms turned out to be superior to the commonly adopted, "shotgun" approach--sending job applications to many different firms all at once. As a result, he created far more interview opportunities than those from other recruiters combined. He clearly demonstrates the power of "fewer is more." In addition, he is very communicative; he listens and understands well. He is methodical and careful in selecting his targets, tends to details in the placement process and all the way to deal-closing. Working with Mitch has been a very pleasant and productive experience for me, both personally and professionally.
— IP Counsel - Life Sciences - NYC

I worked with a number of recruiters while job hunting and Mitch was by far the most honest and hardworking. He managed to get me interviews with top firms and got me an offer that was considerably above what I initially expected. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a job who needs the help of a recruiter. He always has your best interest at heart.
— Energy/Project Finance Associate - NYC

Mitch, I want you to know that regardless of what happens, if our relationship ends today, I will walk away a better person for having worked with you. You have my thanks, my friendship and my respect.
— IP Litigation Partner - DE

Mitch, thank you again for helping me get the job. Although the hours can be long at times (actually, most of the time), the work is highly rewarding. I'm getting the exact experience I was looking for, and the people I work with are great. I owe that to you. Mitch was instrumental in helping me to transition from what had been predominantly a patent practice to a technology transactions practice. Although it was a tall order to find a firm willing to allow me to change areas of law four years out from law school, Mitch not only made it happen but managed to place me with one of the top firms in the country. He's a pro in his field.
— Licensing/Technology Associate - DC

I think the take away from the whole thing is that relationships matter. Your colleagues should remember that while you may not be able to help someone initially, it pays to stay in contact as you never know when someone will decide its time to move and then, an opportunity may present itself.
— Trademark Partner - PHL

I enthusiastically endorse Mitch Satalof as an outstanding recruiter and a genuinely good person. As a 15th year attorney with a very unconventional background, I was far from a "typical" attorney when I reached out to Mitch. I presented myself as a well-rounded patent attorney with only in-house experience who was seeking to transition to licensing/transactional practice at a law firm. Mitch took the time to listen to my story, understand my motivations for the change, and craft a narrative that ultimately opened more doors than I ever could have on my own. Mitch educated me with the sort of foresight that is only derived by experience. Mitch's preparation and diligence behind the scenes was impressively robust. Throughout the process I always felt as though his advice kept me one step ahead. I ultimately accepted an ideal position and couldn't be happier.
— Life Sciences Counsel - CT

I want to thank you both for your tireless efforts on my behalf. I truly appreciate everything you did for me. Thanks, Mitch! I really appreciate all you've done.
— Trademark Associate - NYC

Mitch is a very dedicated professional, with all the prerequisite qualities - knowledge of the industry and the players, strategic thinking, attention to details, punctuality, courteousness and the like. What truly sets him apart from others in the field, however, is that he enjoys what he does, which seems to endow him with an extra degree of creativity, often seen in Hollywood movies depicting talent agents to the stars.
Once I have read the portfolio/presentation Mitch has put together for me, I wanted to hire myself. On one occasion I believe he advised me to sleep at least 7 hours before an interview and eat a good breakfast. He is also a great guy and helped me get a great job.
— Employee Benefits St. Associate - CHI

My experience with Juris Placements was ideal. They were an incredible resource and I was impressed with their professional attention, efficiency, and dedication to my career goals. In a few short weeks, they were able to find me a new position at an amazing firm that is a perfect fit for me.
— International Trade Associate - DC

Juris Placements provided A-to-Z services for me as I transitioned from a federal agency into private practice. I approached them knowing I wanted to make the leap to private practice but with no concrete ideas on how to make that happen. They worked with me to hone my resume and develop targeted outreach to the top firms in my field. Juris Placements' approach to the recruiting process and the guidance provided during the interviewing phase worked so well that I had multiple competitive offers to choose from.
— FDA Regulatory Counsel - DC

I started working with JPI to find placement over a year ago. We spoke at length to determine the type of position I was looking for and in what locations I would be willing to relocate. After helping refine my resume, they applied on my behalf to numerous postings. Unfortunately these applications did not result in any interviews but unlike many of the other recruiters I have worked with in the past, they never gave up on me.
Over the next year JPI checked in with me and let me know about new positions. One day about a year after I started working with them, I received an email letting me know that the market was really heating up and that there were a lot of opportunities that fit my criteria. Shortly thereafter I was offered a number of interviews. Leading up to the interviews, JPI provided me with information to prepare for the interviews, reviewed sample answers to standard interview questions, and jumped on multiple calls late in the evening to help talk through the interview and generally calm my nerves. All of this paid off, as I nailed the interview and landed my dream job. JPI went above and beyond what a typical recruiter might, and thanks to their help, I am moving on to a new exciting position. I cannot more highly recommend JPI.
— Tax Associate - BOS

My experience with Juris Placements has been extremely positive. I left my prior firm after the department I was working in closed, and I was worried I wouldn't find a place I liked just as much. I found Juris Placements and am extremely glad I did. Mitch was thorough, patient and gave me feedback on all of my potential options before we narrowed down the firms I would consider. Shortly into the process I found one I loved, hit it off with the attorneys and staff, and accepted the position. It was a fit. One thing I always appreciated was Mitch's responsiveness and discretion both via e-mail and over the phone. Juris Placements is the first place I recommend when my friends or colleagues are considering a move. Thanks Mitch!
— Corporate Associate - NYC

Mitch was terrific. He provided us with a quality candidate. Most importantly, Mitch listened to our needs and made certain that the candidate he recommended fit within our business goals. As further evidence of Mitch's expertise, the candidate still works for us. I highly recommend Juris Placements.
— Hiring Partner - PHL

I was very impressed with the manner in which Mitch arranged my placement in a practice area for which opportunities in the current market are rare. I was particularly pleased and grateful with the careful attention that Mitch gave to the placement, which was well short of a "sure thing". Mitch does his business with a combination of skill, attention and integrity that is, from my experience, rare among legal search professionals. You can't do much better than having Mitch on your side, even if your goal isn't of the "sure thing" variety.
— Finance Sr. Associate - NYC

Mitch was exceedingly patient and supportive throughout the process and ended up landing me a fantastic job with a great firm. I could not have done it without his help. Highly recommended.
— Environmental Associate - PHL

Mitch actually took the time to listen and provide guidance when we discussed my job search. I was pursuing a non-traditional career path (from in-house back to a law firm) and had a non-traditional background, but Mitch believed in my candidacy and bought into the vision I had for my career. Mitch's perseverance, even in the face of some setbacks in the process, set him apart from other recruiters with whom I have worked. I recommend him without reservation and would certainly use him again in the future.
— Corporate Associate -- NYC

Mitch was an asset during the lateral process. He really listened to what I wanted to do when we first began working together, and he provided a steady hand as an advocate for me as we worked to finalize the terms of my move. He is friendly and approachable, and he worked hard to find and make connections for me with a new firm he thought fit my interests well. I highly recommend Mitch, and I've already provided his contact information to my friends similarly interested in making a move.
— Life Sciences Associate - NYC

Mitch is well-connected with many of the most prestigious IP law firm groups in the country. He sent me a steady stream of job opportunities to consider, working persistently and providing guidance and insight that was incredibly helpful throughout the process. When I found the firm where I really wanted to be, Mitch was supportive and helped secure a great offer. He is truly interested in the job candidate's preferences and interests. I could not be happier with where I landed or more grateful for his help in getting me here. Highly recommend talking to Mitch if you are interested in making a move.
— Trademark Senior Associate - October 2022

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