Juris Placements is a national search firm that specializes in the recruitment and placement of attorneys. We assist partners, groups, counsel and associates seeking change in a client base of firms and employers that includes many of the fastest growing global companies as well as national and boutique firms.

Our primary clients all have offices in the New York City to Washington, D.C. corridor. While we place attorneys in all practice areas, our focus is intellectual property, where our founder and CEO, Mitch Satalof is considered one of the more knowledgeable recruiters in the field. Our intellectual property efforts span the entire US and beyond.

While we make no guarantees as to placement, our employers and candidates understand that we assure confidentiality at all times. At a candidate’s request and only with a candidate’s approval, do we share information and/or arrange an interview with a client. All of our candidates go through a comprehensive screening process that includes in depth discussion of a candidate’s qualifications and goals, as well as a personal meeting (when possible) to assure a solid match with a prospective employer. We work diligently to satisfy the goals, needs and preferences of employers and candidates, all of whom we consider to be our clients.

Juris Placements, Inc. is a proud member of NALSC (National Association of Legal Search Consultants) and abides by the NALSC Code of Ethics.

We make every attempt to keep a comprehensive, up-to-date listing of the entire global intellectual property landscape on our web site.  We accomplish this by maintaining constant communication with our client group. 

Being blessed with ongoing “open door” relationships with numerous clients and firms, many not only allow but encourage us to submit candidates that merit consideration even when no active search is underway.

We take great pride in our ability to present quality partner(s) and groups in the most confidential and appropriate manner to our clients hence, we welcome the circumstance that calls for special consideration.  We can provide unique guidance for highly qualified candidates in such situations.

Feel free to contact us via phone or email to discuss your specific goals and needs and of course - recommend us to those you deem appropriate.