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Description: Patent Prosecution/Biotech/Biomed/Molecular Bio

Position: Associate

Notes: Firm is seeking an associate with 2-4 years of patent prosecution experience in biotechnology, biomedical engineering, molecular biology or similar disciplines. PhD and lab or research experience preferred. USPTO required.

This firm is over 75 years old and has approximately 200 attorneys in our four offices. Clients range from Fortune 500 companies to regional and local businesses.

Years Experience: (2 - 4)

Specialty: Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology

Bar Requirements: District of Columbia


Location: USA - DC - Washington

Date Opened: 07/03/2019

Code: 4505325

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I was contacted by Mitch in regards to an in-house opportunity that fit my level of experience and credentials. Mitch promptly followed up with me once I expressed interest. He took the time to answer every last question I had about the type of work the position would entail, the qualities that companies look for when adding additional in-house counsel, and how my current role would translate to this new opportunity. What struck me about Mitch was his total transparency. He did not hide any details, and made sure that I was fully informed about salary information, benefits, etc., so that I knew going in what to expect. I was completely prepared for my interview and knocked it out of the park, in large part to the extensive conversation and emails with Mitch. A few weeks later I was offered, and accepted the job! I would absolutely suggest Mitch to anyone looking to either fill an in-house position, or someone looking to make the transition to in-house or another firm. Thanks again Mitch!
In-house Counsel